20th Century Fox developing Atari Missile command movie

Fox studios are taking the video game classic Missile Command to the big screen with film bloggers praising and insulting the news.

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James Cameron has been vocal on these kinds of films, condemning sequels and commercial products re-made by studios, but there is no end in sight with Missile Command set to get its first mission. While Battleship could become the next Waterworld that eventually succeeds at the box office, Missile Command feels like a 'Snakes on a Plane' concept that's harder to pull off.

While 'Snakes on a Plane' had a thick coating of cheese, Missile Command couldn't be more hilarious. When does an Atari game shooting 2D objects out of the sky become an Oscar winning concept?

Missile Command bloggers reaction

Fox will find it hard to sell the Missile Command movie, but they are likely to have a team of great writers to create something innovative, at least, we hope.

Look, Fox, I understand the concept of branding. I know that selling a movie is easier if your audience already has a notion of what a certain film is about, but why on Earth would you license Missile Command from Atari? - hollywood

I can't figure out how or why, but word is coming in that Hollywood is moving forward with the Missile Command movie. You know, Missile Command, the classic Atari game with absolutely no plot. Makes sense. - Destructoid

While the lack of a story beyond Fight missiles could free up Sharpless and Sazama to do something creative, I'm betting the film will ultimately be a generic military thriller with maybe a sci-fi spin for good measure. - Collider

With "Missile Command," the scribes have little to adapt beyond a title to build a plot around and a Cold War-heavy scenario of players having to defend their cities from being destroyed by a rain of missiles - Variety

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