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What to expect at the 2012 Sci-fi London Film Festival

If you're a fan of Star Trek, Aliens, Arnold Schwarzenegger and classic goth soap operas then the Sci-fi London Film Festival is for you.

Over 7 days the film festival will celebrate the genre with a variety of screenings including UK premieres a programme of short films and free-to-enter events.

In it's 11th edition, the festival is putting the magic back into sci-fi and fantasy films by giving them a promotional kick in the right direction. With so much doom and gloom it's nice to sit back and fly somewhere far away.

Big Premiere : All eyes on Trek Nation

Star Trek fans will be treated to the highly acclaimed documentary that takes a look at 'Gene Roddenberry' and the impact he had on culture. With millions of fans around the world, and a glowing future for the franchise in the hands of J.J Abrams, the Star Trek 'universe' has never had it so good.

The feature length documentary shows us the world of Roddenberry from the point of view of his son, Rod, who was only 17 when his father, Gene passed away.

To find out more about the festival check out : Sci-fi London Film Festival 1st - 7th May 2012

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