2011 Oscars to get longest red carpet event ever?

LOS ANGELES, USA - The 83rd Academy Awards is getting a 30 minute extension on ABC, making its pre-show red carpet event 90 mintues long.

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As the thirst for celebrities, controversy and red carpet moments rises, and the nation becomes more attuned to lavish events, award ceremonies and reality TV, the Oscar pre show extension is a sign of the times.

Award shows in recent memory have becoming more central to the entertainment industry, discovering the best actors, directors, musicians and more.

The Oscars, the world s premiere movie award show is one of the defining ceremonies of the calendar year, and its red carpet show is watched by millions.

Oscar red carpet overload?

The red carpet has always been a fantasy element of any Award show allowing the press and fans to get to see their favourite stars, talks with them, and join in the adrenaline rush.

Award ceremonies would not be the same without a public buzz that is generated from red carpet events. While some may find this year s feature length movie Oscar pre show a bit over the top, most, will feel, this is what we want.

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