2011 Dr Oz show to reveal revolutionary weight loss program

NEW YORK, USA - Emmy winning TV host Dr. Oz will be launching his new show on the 3rd of January with a special 11 Weeks to Move and Lose It program.

Fitness and health expert Dr. Mehmet Oz will take to the air in an online one of a kind initiative providing customized tools to help people lose weight and transform their bodies to they way they want by giving participants a free tailored weight loss plan with a personal instructor.

There will also be additional videos, tips from health and fitness experts providing guidance and the much needed motivation required for people to get up and to start working.

What is the show about?

Dr. Oz is a highly popular American TV talk show host and has served as an expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The host has been a go to person for people looking to make changes in their lives with transformational strategies and has written several books to help people improve their focus to get healthy.

The new Resolution Revolution episode will air on 3rd January 2011 on the OWN Network (Oprah Winfrey Network)

Oprah Winfrey Network website - Launching January 1st 2011

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