2011 Academy Awards Short film competition

Filmmakers looking to enter their short films into the 2011 Academy Awards need to send in their entries before Friday October 1st.

Every year the Oscars have several short films in competition in different categories including Live Action Short Film, Foreign Language Film and Animated Short Film.

Short filmmakers can submit an entry form, one film print or copy that is in an approved digital format, including other required materials to the Oscars for consideration.

Filmmakers submitting their foreign language film will need to send in their entry forms, with an English subtitled film print and all other specified materials needed per entry, and sent before the deadline.

Each country will have the opportunity to compete at the 2011 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language film.

Every year exceptional films from independent filmmakers are short listed for the Oscars, and winners receive major international recognition and publicity. Short films that are merely nominated also receive a lot of attention, as the competition is fierce for the film industry s most prestigious Award.

Filmmakers submitting to the Oscars should make sure that entries are provided on time, and that all associated materials are prepared properly. Films can also be short listed for the Oscars at qualifying film festivals. These include the AFI Fest, Ann Arbour Film Festival, Foyle Film Festival, Keakow Film Festival and more.

To find out more about the Oscars entries rules and qualifying film festivals please visit the website.

The 2011 Academy Awards will be broadcast live on Sunday February 27th , and nominated films will be announced on Tuesday January 25th.

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