2000 auditions later, Disney is struggling to find a star for Aladdin

Since March, Disney has been searching for actors to play in their upcoming live-action musical Aladdin, but have so far failed to find the right actor according to several reports.

The studio is currently looking for a young male in his 20s to play the lead in Aladdin with the live-action movie being directed by Guy Ritchie.

So far, the studio has auditioned around 2000 actors, some for 2 weeks at a time in what Hollywood reporter claims has been “a mess” by an agent involved in the process.

Since the news broke, actors have been turning to Twitter to send out their audition tapes and pictures to Disney directly:

Could it be this difficult to cast the lead in the beloved classic of Aladdin? The global search for talent has taken the studio to Abu Dhabi, London and Egypt and is still uncertain.

Production is set for August, and with time running out, it looks like finding the perfect actor, who should be of Middle Eastern or Indian descent is proving a huge challenge.

However this apparent setback for Disney could turn into someone’s dream come true as the studio is also considering unknown actors for the movie. Is that you?

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Posted by Aladdin on Saturday, May 20, 2017

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