2 missing from HMS Bounty after U.S. Coast Guard rescue

HMS Bounty sunk just hours ago and its 16 crew (originally 17 had been thought to be on board) were waiting for a sea-rescue in two life rafts.

In the latest CBC report, 14 of the 16 crew members have now been rescued however a search is being expanded for two other survivors who are believed to be wearing 'water survival suits'.

A 2nd helicopter rescued a further 9 members of the crew after the first hoisted 5 to safety.

However as the conditions at sea continue to worsen and the eye of hurricane Sandy moves closer, it will become increasingly difficult for the U.S. Coast guard to maintain an aerial search.

As the storm surge quickens, there have been some reports of power outages along the U.S east coast ahead of the storm's landfall.

Now we wait and hope that the 2 missing crew members are brought to safety as quickly as possible. This is a harrowing ordeal for all involved including the families who are now waiting to hear that their loved ones are safe.

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