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Julie Delpy '2 days in New York': Trailer & Preview

Julie Deply's new movie '2 Days In New York' is out in European theatres this week, let's take a look at the trailer.

Five years after Marion (Julie Deply) spent two days in Paris with her ex-boyfriend, American interior designer Jack; she is now a single mother in her late thirties, living a steady, cosy life. She now has a her new boyfriend, Mingus (Chris Rock). But then, one day her family decides to pay her a visit.

Although, to quote Julie Delpy the movie is "about the difficulty of relationships but also about the main character's evolution in general (...) about the complexities of being a woman and not being completely consumed by your partner..."

2 Days In New York Trailer

From the trailer it seems that the movie humor will be exploiting the well-known and widely before-seen clichés about the differences of American and French culture. "The clash of civilizations“ is visible at the moment when the French get detained at customs, for trying to smuggle in 30 pounds of sausages, and carrying cheese hidden in their pants. According to the stereotypes, the French behave in a completely free way, without boundaries, talking about their love and sexual relationships without inhibition, which shocks the Americans and provokes comic situations. This is nothing new, and is a concept already largely used in Delpy's '2 days in Paris' (with flirtatious ex boyfriends, food focused Marion's French friends and ex-revolutionary parents talking about sex all the time and of course In French, because they can't speak English).

Does her directing and acting abilities come off in this latest saga, and does she manage to build-up her character, the free-spirited-yet-mature Marion? Check it out this week.

Check out the '2 Days In New York Official Website'

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