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17-year-old Claire Davis lies in a coma, what can be done?

High school student Claire Davis

Shooting victim clings for life

17-year-old Claire Davis is currently fighting for her life after being shot in the face with a pump-action shotgun, as a nation struggles to find common ground on gun legislation and what to do about continuing violence.

Claire Davis, who is currently being treated for life-threatening injuries is said to be in critical condition, and has fallen into a coma. The young teenager, who was an innocent bystander in the the tragic shootings at the Arapahoe High School in Colorado reminds us that there is a serious problem in society with gun violence, and something has to be done.

This tragedy isn't just a local problem, but a national one. The Newtown shootings, the Batman screening massacre, and countless other tragic shootings are all just reminders of how innocent victims always pay the heaviest price when guns fall into the wrong hands.

It's no secret that the gun lobby is able to influence and control many in the senate, preventing even small steps towards common-sense restrictions but how long can Americans support this status-quo? Is this latest tragedy going to change anything?

If Claire ever walks out of intensive-care, can she honestly feel safe again?

According to CNN, hundreds attended a vigil for Claire on Saturday night. She was called a hero for her bravery, and as we hope her condition improves, and a positive solution is found avoid more bloodshed.

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