1200 dead, will British celebrities boycott 2022 World Cup?

At every major World Cup event the entertainment industry gets heavily involved, but with the latest revelations of bribery surrounding Qatar's bid, should we be going?

With a reported 1200 migrants killed so far in the construction of new stadiums since 2012 it's hard to imagine our sporting and entertainment figures making a strong, passionate plea for us to watch or attend.

In fact, back in 2012 when the UK hosted the Olympic Games, there was a broad sense of unity in trying to make this a big celebration of talent across many fields. It was a triumphant moment for sport and entertainment.

Contrasting to Qatar, where the world's best football teams will go head-to-head after the deaths of thousands of workers in a bid that smells of bribery gin, there's little good coming out of it so far that we can be happy about. In fact, could brands be damaged by hiring celebs to act as ambassadors leading up to the event?

According to the Guardian, there are calls for the World Cup vote to be held again while The Sunday Times revealed email leaks that show a string of secret payments to officials.

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