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$11m film starring Al Pacino earns £97 in 1st week at UK Box office

Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins’ latest outing in ‘Misconduct’ has failed to cross the £100 mark at the UK box office after 7 straight days.

Playing on only 5 screens, the film managed to gather an average of £19.40p per screen with audiences no larger than 4 people per viewing. It was simultaneously released on VOD and faced a barrage of negative reviews that couldn’t save the film’s appeal or get people to attend the screenings except for die-hard fans.

The UK is one of Hollywood’s biggest overseas markets for a film release but with a limited distribution and subdued marketing campaign, it was going to be an uphill struggle to get the word out that ‘Misconduct’ was making an appearance at all.

‘Misconduct’ earned a terrible 8% approval on Rotten Tomatoes and averaged a dreadful 2/10 from critics. However, it managed to gross $979 during its opening weekend in Lithuania, considerably more spectacular than in the UK. The film was also released in several foreign markets according to Box Office Mojo including South Korea where it grossed $970k during its theatrical run.

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