10,000 people sign up to 'Midnight Rider' production boycott

Over 10,000 people have joined a Facebook group asking people to honor Sarah Jones by "refusing to work" on the planned 'Midnight Rider' shoot in Los Angeles.

After the Sarah Jones tribute at the Oscars and 'Slates for Sarah' movement, a host of on-set safety groups, initiatives and campaigns have begun to emerge.

In the latest twist, actor William Hurt has pulled out of the 'Midnight Rider' project altogether, putting more pressure on the producers who now are left without a crucial cast member to continue the production.

It was back in March when the LA Times reported on an email correspondence William Hurt had had with a friend where he mentioned being assured twice that the bridge "was safe for filming." The actor was told that the crew had a 60 second window to get off the bridge in case of an oncoming train, which he thought was not sufficient.

Creators of the new 'Midnight Rider boycott' group called "I refuse to work on Midnight Rider for Sarah" have also urged Gregg Allman to find another production company to shoot the biopic however it is not clear whether he will make such a decision.

Given the anger from the film industry over Sarah's death, which was widely seen as preventable, producers of 'Midnight Rider' face increased media scrutiny and pressure from the industry to halt production.

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