10 ways to make money as an actor

Make money actor
You want to find a paying gig, get that film audition, break into the business and earn the big bucks but you're trying to figure out a career path. There are many ways you can get paid work as an actor. Here are a few examples:


Apply for auditions/ castings in your local area.

Background artist

Join an extras agency and make yourself available. Check out our recommended UK agency: Casting Collective

Playing characters in films

The obvious choice. Try to score some small roles to start out with. Even one line parts can be well paid.

Voice over/ dubbing

Voice over work can be well paid. If you are good with accents try to join an agency, create a demo reel and offer your services

Theatre plays

Theatre is hard to get into but performing on-stage is another way to earn a living if you can make your way into the big leagues

Community activist

Charities sometimes need people who can entertain people with special needs or someone who is a good communicator.


Teaching at film/drama school or at the theatre can be very rewarding


Can you dress up as a clown and put yourself in a different role to entertain kids?

Corporate entertainment

Can you impersonate people? Do you have a unique voice? Big corporations often hold special dinners and events.

Computer games

Do you have what it takes to spend your day in a green screen studio and mimic movements directed to you? Even voice over for video games is well paid.

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