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10 reasons why Britain needs its own Hollywood sign

A British Hollywood

You've heard of Hollywood, you've got it visually clear in your mind, and it stands there as a big sign on a hilltop overlooking Los Angeles, but when you come to Britain where's the identity of the British film Industry?

I believe that we need some kind of sign/symbol to create a stronger identity and to make it memorable to the rest of the world. With a lot of productions moving from other countries to the UK, shouldn't we have a symbol? Although film studios and film production is spread out across the UK, there is no defining monument or visual representation that illustrates who we are. Sure, there are institutions like the BFI that exist to serve the industry, but that's still not strong enough to stand out.

Here are 10 reasons for getting our very own Hollywood sign : 

  • 1. It will define our creative industry to the rest of the world
  • 2. The sign will attract tourists and bring money to our shores
  • 3. It is a symbol that will create a sense of belonging and encourage other likeminded people to join the community
  • 4. It will give British filmmakers a cool nickname to name drop at events when showing off brilliant, under-funded indie features
  • 5. The British film industry will have a catchphrase instead of a bland assortment of words that's hugely un-original
  • 6. The sign will have more prominence than ridiculous statues like the bright blue cock standing at Trafalgar square
  • 7. With a symbol, there's no more excuse to say British films are made in Hollywood
  • 8. People can actually visit and see something that is not indoors, in a museum, or at the cinema (but a coat and an umbrella might be needed)
  • 9. Film professionals in retirement can tell their grand kids about how the robust British film industry strived to create an epic symbol of victory and creation
  • 10. We wont have to rely on Boris Johnson to abseil down a tightrope when promoting the creativity of Britain..

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