10 incredible items Ben Affleck could buy for less than $1.50 each

Ben Affleck shopping list : $1.50

By now you will have heard that Ben Affleck is taking the noble decision to raise awareness for those who live on less than $1.50 a day. It's unimaginable for most of us how anyone can survive on that budget. However Affleck could achieve quite a lot on such a small daily budget if he got creative with it.

Here are some high value items he could buy (not factoring in the daily food costs here) that would help him bring smiles to people around him, to himself and begin his money making career all over again.

Top 10 list of must have items

  • 50 sheet notebook + pen

Affleck could begin to write screenplays from the minute he hits the streets. He knows he's got a good reputation in the industry, and with the recent award season success he should have no problem getting back on the ladder when he sends in the next treatment.

  • MP3 of 'Money' by Pink Floyd

If he is allowed to carry with him an MP3 player to begin his quest, he could listen, in loop for 24 hours a day, the song 'Money' by Pink Floyd to inspire him to find a way to increase his low budget.

  • 2nd hand pack of crayons (semi used but still good)

With some sheets from a notepad, or any discarded paper on the street, Ben could be making shot lists for his next movie in no time, and sharing that with his future collaborators. He could also be drawing pictures of fluffy cats and silly dogs to give children smiles.

  • Scissors

With a pair of scissors in hand, Ben could be cutting people's hair in no time. It's now or never to become a very succesful 'street barber'.

  • The Town (2nd hand DVD)

If street bound, Affleck could walk into a community centre, hotel or any electronic store with a DVD player and put in his movie 'The Town'. This would remind him of what he had achieved in the past, and that it was possible again, if he made the right choice from that moment on.

  • American Flag

Picking up an American flag would give him that all-important patriotic feel. The American dream is just around the corner. Wave that thing!

  • A pack of pony stickers

Dark times call for unusual possessions. In his quest to find humor in the struggle for survival, Affleck could afford to get himself a pack of pony stickers to place on the cars of Hollywood celebs he hates (or admires). Seeing their smile, or anger, could inspire him to do street performing, and gauge the reaction of people when he does something silly or unexpected.

  • Super Mario Bros mug

Knowing that the water he's going to be drinking will likely be less than adequate, and somewhat dirty, why not spice things up a bit and put a childhood hero back in the mix. With a Super Mario mug, whatever substance he puts into it, will give him a smile.

  • Face Paint

Entertaining children is an art. By painting his face in absurd colours, Affleck could inspire parents in the local area to hire him out to entertain their restless kids.

  • Pack of cards

With a few cents left over from the purchase, Affleck could be heading out to Beverly Hills knocking on doors to offer games of poker. Celebrities with enough pennies left over from indulging in unnecessary purchases can challenge him to a duel. If he's good enough, Affleck can slowly but surely poker face his way to the millions once more.

Let's hope he gets through this and on a more serious note check out Live Below the Line for more information on the campaign.

Research was conducted before the article was written to find items priced at less than $1.50 from multiple stores including Amazon and Walmart.

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