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Only 1 female director worked on the top 20 Hollywood movies of 2013

Female directors scarce

The ratio of female directors behind the top 20 films at the box office last year was so low that it was less than 1 in 20.

A total of 23 directors worked on the top 20 grossing movies of 2013, but only one of the films had a female director. Jennifer Lee co-directed animation hit 'Frozen' with Chris Buck, which technically meant that no female director alone had total vision on the outcome of a picture in the top 20.

As a percentage only 4.3% of directors were female but from an audience demographic perception, the ratio was hugely different. We certainly didn't see women representing just 4% of box office receipts within the top 20 biggest films.

We can also see a low ratio for female screenwriters. A total of 4 out of 45 writers who worked on the top 20 movies of 2013 were women representing just 8.8% of the above-the-line-talent.

Although the profession of a film director is traditionally dominated by men, is the film industry at a point where there's a little bit too much of a one-sided approach? Surely female scriptwriters and directors should play a bigger role in motion picture production. What do you think?

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